£1200 down… No training sessions up

This week I have roughly spent £1200! So far I have bought my registration, bike and some cleats…….. still got to sort out a wetsuit, trainers and a helmet…. but I suppose “fish gotta swim, triathletes gotta have equipment!” or as some friends have said “welcome to the Ironman, you are now broke!” which I try to keep on a lighter topic considering my girlfriend has mentioned  that her holiday this year is in the shape of 2 wheels, has a saddle and pedals!

On another positive note…. no training sessions have been done this week!! Considering Ironman is 93 days away.. this week I have been to the gym three times and went Lifeguard swim training, so I suppose I have trained.. but not specifically for Ironman or any endurance training. Plus the weekend and at the beginning of the week have been class with the weather, so I am hardly going to waste the sun whilst we have it!



I’m not stressing though, I still have time  plus prioritising work at the moment is crucial as Ironman training isn’t paying the bills-instead it’s making them! Sometimes it does blow my mind though, like spending all this money just for one day, just for a race! Like I could go for  a swim in the sea everyday and I wouldn’t have to pay a thing or even a cycle; yes I have to pay for a bike or a wetsuit, but then I can have unlimited access to the roads, sea and the routes to go and enjoy and experience training. Now I am suddenly paying like £500 odd pound  to swim in the sea, cycle the county and run around my local town when I could do this everyday for free! But I suppose it comes with the package, like the support, the atmosphere and the title of “Ironmoz” is going to come at a cost, whether it is physically, mentally or financially, it is going to be expensive regardless! Or at the cost of my dignity haha!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 14.38.14.png
Ironman comes at a cost- either physically, mentally, financially or my dignity!  Instagram: @moritzneumann_

This Week I had an early birthday present  “The World’s Fittest Book” by Ross Edgley. WOW. It’s awesome! It’s about how to train for anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere and it has totally helped both my understanding of the training and knowing how and when to prioritise my training. What an awesome and inspirational role model to learn from. They say it’s the “fitness enthusiasts bible” and they are not wrong! I have been glued to it- literally!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 15.38.19.png
Reading about first hand experiences, endurance tips and everything else!
Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 14.22.44.png
“you can read it after pegs!”

The only problem with the book, is not only that Peggy wants to read it too, but it is so helpful because of Ross’ size as well. For a big lad being able to complete and be successful at endurance sports is really helpful for my own training and understanding how bigger bodies need and have to endure for training of long distance regarding size, weight and maintaining muscle!

He created the first “Treeathlon” with carrying a 45kg tree for an Olympic distance Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km cycle, 10km run) which is just insane-Plus surely makes the Ironman look a bit more realistic after a week off training!



The only problem with reading such an inspiring and educational book about fitness is that it makes me want to get active! He gives Core exercises and correct technique advice and I have been testing out certain exercises with his tips. I love being able to test the educational  information myself. But seriously though, this book is going to become my lifeline for the next few months, regarding diet, recovery and training!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 14.22.23.png
Another reason for my girlfriend to resent the Ironman…

But seriously though, whatever gives you motivation, helps you have a kick start or just help you to understand the training and fitness process, stick at it and use it to help fuel your training journey! With the amount of money I have already and am yet to pay towards the Ironman, it is important that what you do spend your time and money on is worth it as long as it helps you on your journey. This book has definitely made me feel more comfortable about having rest days- maybe one too many! But then to still be able to be hungry for training sessions when I do complete them. No one is ever too experienced or too good for some help- whether it is help from a book, a person, a website or even a blog! We should take help and advice with both hands and fall asleep with it, no but seriously, help is the most priceless possession in the world, always take it and be grateful for it.


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