Why did I sign up to Ironman?

From BodyBuilding to Ironman!

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“People are like teabags, you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water- or put them in an Ironman”-Moritz

I fancied a challenge. 

That’s the first thing I said when my girlfriend asked me why I signed up to Ironman. NO seriously it is. I have been a lifeguard for it since day one and every year I have looked at the people doing it and just thought why aren’t I doing it?

I mean yeah you could say I suppose I do want to make Hari (my girlfriend) and my family proud of me. You know, show them that I can do it and hopefully get them inspired to be more active and help them to believe and get involved with what they are passionate about.

I am the least “cardio active” person you could meet. I mean all my life I have wanted to be big, muscly and lift heavy weights in the gym, so yeah I suppose an Ironman is the opposite end of the spectrum for me. It is the ultimate endurance event so I am a little fish in a global pond right now! It’s completely out of my comfort zone!

That’s why the Ironman is so appealing to me. I mean how can I, as an Online Fitness Coach expect my clients to hit the gym and be out of their comfort zone without me being able to? I need to be that source of inspiration for my clients, to prove that despite age, size and physical ability, we all have our own personal challenges and goals that we may never get the opportunity to achieve or conquer- but none of that matters, because what is important is that we have to start somewhere, we have to take the first step and at least try. We need to set ourselves targets and goals in life- why not be ambitious? why not test ourselves both physically and mentally? Because that is what sport and an active lifestyle consists of, it needs challenges and exposing ourselves to unpredictable environments and tests so we can better understand ourselves as an athlete which then helps us understand ourselves as the person we are.

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Instagram: @moritzneumann_

I’m not just a gym monkey. 

Yes I train in the gym, yes I bulk, yes I shred and yes I super-set. But I want to prove I can use my size and strength throughout the sporting domain. I believe that size should definitely not be an issue or a barrier for people to participate in sports and physical activities. I want to prove that anyone and everyone, with willpower and determination can achieve their own personal goals. When I am in the showers after rugby and on the rugby pitch, I have little comments about my size and being a “meathead” and yeah, I suppose I am bigger than the average person, but that doesn’t make me any less of an athlete or a human than anyone else? Being big or “Hulk” (what my girlfriend calls me) should not restrict anyone from trying and starting a sport or activity.  I want to show people how being big is great, but I want to prove that I can still perform and use my size to help my physical ability. I want to prove  how size, no matter how small, big, wide or tall you are, should never restrict anyone from anything.

Raising Money for Charity 

Throughout my Ironman journey I hope to raise Money for my chosen Charity. I have yet to confirm this and when I do I shall post the link for the chosen charity here. But yeah, I do really think that it’s important to gain perspective on events and challenges and realise the bigger picture, yes it’s amazing that you’re attempting the world’s hardest event and challenging yourself, but to do all that as well as help the less fortunate and those in need, is very important to me and needs to be a focus throughout my training.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 20.42.29.png
My name in the sand… soon to be my head when I’m deep in training!!

At the moment these are the main sources of motivation I could think of for wanting to do the Ironman! If I think of any during my training I shall make sure to mention them and keep you informed! But for now I think it’s time to start getting my cardio up!


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"Bodybuilder to Ironman" Blogging my first ever Ironman! Can my Body perform as well as look good?!

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