Who am I?

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Instagram: @moritzneumann_

I am Moritz Neumann.

I am 22 years old.

I am a RNLI Lifeguard and an Online Fitness Coach. My sporting achievements and passions include Rugby, Crossfit, Body Building and Swimming.

I am a Kaged Muscle Ambassador and am inspired by all things fitness and believing that having a good looking body is great, but being able to use and perform with that body is even better.

“I want to test the capability of my body and and prove that a sporting body needs to be able to perform as well as look good”

Instagram: @moritzneumann_Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 19.19.46

My Instagram is loaded with loads of information and pictures capturing who I am as a person and who I want to be in the  sporting and fitness industry both as an athlete and a coach.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 19.31.46I have worked alongside and am proud to work with some inspirational and influential people like Adam and Kris Gethin, Neil Hill and Kaged Muscle.

My current bodyweight is 104kg and I work hard to both maintain the muscle mass and the training commitments that are vital to achieving an aesthetically pleasing and strong body.

I believe that training and the gym lifestyle is beneficial and achievable as long as one is committed and stays true to both their goals and themselves. The lifestyle however should not come at the cost of spending precious time with loved ones and enjoying life.

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Aesthetics is good, Performance is even better
Me, the Lifeguard

Being fit and strong in the gym and in rugby also comes hand in hand with being an RNLI Lifeguard. I have to maintain fitness to be able to rescue and be physically and mentally prepared for emergencies and training.

It is so rewarding to meet hundreds and thousands of tourists and visitors through both the Lifeguarding and the Online Fitness Coaching.

It is so inspiring to meet so many different people of different ages, sizes, abilities and backgrounds that help me gain perspective and increase my experiences both physically and socially in life. I am committed to helping people in everyday life situations on the beach through both my contract and my morale. Helping individuals achieve their life and body goals through my own personal Online Fitness Coaching has also become my career and ethos. I like to have my programs be realistic, motivating and create a healthy, safe and respectful environment where my clients can approach me regarding any physical, mental, social or economical challenges they face on their journey to being the best they can be.

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Instagram: @moritzneumann_

You can email me regarding my Online Fitness Coaching Platform at moritzbneumann@gmail.com 

I live in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire and love nothing more than to spend time with loved ones, especially my girlfriend,  hit the gym and walk my dogs. Living in one of the worlds most beautiful locations makes not all of these things easy but also enjoyable. Life is great 🙂

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Anyway, that was a brief little Bio, now time for the big stuff! so sit back, grab a cup of tea, or get your trainers on and get motivated, because I am about to go on my hardest challenge yet and attempt my first ever “IRONMAN”. 


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"Bodybuilder to Ironman" Blogging my first ever Ironman! Can my Body perform as well as look good?!

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